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Saturday, 29 January 2011

BBC Writersroom - A Path to Success

I stumbled across the BBC Writersroom whilst looking for a writersroom equivalent for ITV, when I happily stumbled on some BBC writersroom success stories. I love reading success stories, they fill you full of enthusiasm and make you believe that you can succeed at television writing. And with so many more TV Channels these days, there's even more chance of succeeding.

One that caught my attention...

Paul Farrell
Paul sent in an unsolicited script that impressed us and was selected for a week long residential scheme to develop ideas for returning crime shows. He worked intensively on an idea and pitched it to BBC executives. It was soon commissioned to treatment, then to script, and his two-parter was broadcast in the 2006 season of Silent Witness on BBC1. Paul also took part in our BBC Films scheme to develop writers new to the department. He has since been produced for Waking the Dead on BBC1, commissioned for Primeval on ITV and is on a development scheme with Eon Films.

He worked on shows I am interested in, and I love that he can work between BBC and ITV. Some of the writers featured on the success stories page also did work for Channel 4, and a lot of the BBC Radio Plays too. There is great scope for working on a wide variety of projects for different companies. There are many opportunities out there just waiting to be explored!

The BBC Writersroom is full of writing tips, inspiration and sample scripts to read. They are actively seeking new talent, and have a page of opportunities with deadlines for you to check out.


  1. Don't know how I missed it for so long...

    I got a Google Alert this morning for the name of my blog and book--Notes from An Alien--and it led me to your blog...

    I've now got you on my Blogroll :-)


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