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Saturday, 12 February 2011

Drabble Day 100 Word Story: "Edge"

Today I found Aheïla's Drabble Day post, a challenge to write a 100 word story, give or take five words, on whatever word prompt she chooses. Today she chose Edge. I really enjoyed having a go at this, I've never tried to write a piece of fiction so short, it really taught me to be concise with my writing, and find shorter ways of saying what I wanted. Thank you Aheïla for such a great challenge! Here's my story:

"Standing on the edge of a mid-nineteenth century roof, Anya gazes out over a golden haze covered skyline, smog slowly rising above the dark and soot stained London rooftops. Anya stands out in stark contrast with gleaming white hair, dark red eyes, and an almost matching red pvc military uniform.

Casting a quick glance over her shoulder, Anya sighs, then in one swift movement she dives head-first off the tower of London. Falling like a missile with the ground rushing up to her and the wind whistling through her hair, Anya smiles. And for one brief moment, she feels free."

P.S. This isn't where the story ends, it's inspired by a science-fiction novel I'm currently researching and planning!


  1. Hello there!

    I'm always happy to welcome new people for the drabble challenge! And writing 100 words is definitely a challenge. Well, you pulled it off! Congrats!

    Your drabble is a nice character presentation that sparks a lot of questions and dives right into action - pun intended.

    If you want an additional challenge next week, write a whole story in a drabble, meaning an exposition, a conflict and a climax within 100 words. It makes us even more careful with our words. ;)

    That being said, your imagery is strong and so is your writing. You nailed that first drabble!

  2. Hello! Thank you! It was a lot of fun taking part, I'd love to have another go next week. Fitting an entire story in 100 words sounds almost impossible! It will definitely be a challenge!

    And thank you so much for your compliments on my writing, I am striving to improve, as I want to write and complete a novel, this will hopefully help me improve my writing so I can write a great novel! Thank you so much! :)

  3. Enjoyed this.

    While it is part of a larger whole it does stand up on its own.

    Well done!

  4. Hi DMLbooks, Thank you! Funnily enough I just read your drabble post and enjoyed that too! I love that you also wrote a sci-fi genre! I felt sorry for the guy in your 'Dust' drabble though, another great drabble story! :)

  5. I loved your drabble, sketching girl! Whether flashback or something else, it's fascinating, descriptive and very well written. I'd love to read the whole story of Anya.
    Good luck with your writing!
    p.s. I've been participating in Aheila's drabble challenge, too.

  6. Hey there! Just stopping in from Aheila's post to look!

    I think this was really pretty and well done. Some details could have been shortened further (red pvc uniform and mid-ninteenth century roof), but I have to agree with Aheila that you nailed it!


  7. Hi Ryan, Thanks so much for your huge compliments! I've not had anyone comment on my writing before this drabble, it's great to know my writing isn't awful. Great encouragement, thank you! Looks like I'll have to write more on Anya now! :)

    Hi Lec, Thanks so much! This was my first drabble, so shortening description is very new to me. But definitely something I'm enjoying! Thanks again! :)

  8. How are Drabbles different from Flash Fiction?

  9. Hi Alexander, as far as I am aware, Drabbles were created by Aheila on her Writeaholics Blog here:


    You use a prompt, and try to write 100 words only (though you can give and take 5 words either way). It's a really really short story, 100 words doesn't give you a lot of words to tell it in.

    Flash Fiction on the other hand, is a bit more free. It is a really short story, though the length is not set in stone, it can be roughly anywhere between 300 words and a thousand words. It gives you more room to write more in your story, yet you still have to be concise in your words. I hope that helps?

  10. Hello! I like this drabble a lot! Well done! TC!


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