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~ Sera Gamble

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Drabble Day 100 Word Story: "Analogy"

This week's Drabble Day challenge by Aheila is Analogy. I found this one much harder this week, but after thinking a moment on what my novel is mainly about, then comparing it to an event that happened outside my house last night, I found inspiration for this. I hope you like it!
"Time is like a car on a highway, it flows smooth and almost neverending. You think you are in control of it, you can bend it to your will. You can make the journey veer this way or that way, depending on which way you turn the wheel. You think you are in control, you think you know what you are doing. Nothing can stop you. Yet you forget to pay attention for a split-second, and your whole world is turned on it's head. You're spitting gravel and you've no idea how you got here. Or how to turn back."


  1. Good...


    Is the point of a Drabble to have and ending?

    I want what you wrote so well to continue :-)

  2. Hello! This was a good effort! Ya Dunn Good, LOL! TC Don

  3. Hey SG ~~ well said ! It's so easy to take both for granted when you're in the driver's seat . You can become complacent , and before you know it ~~ BOOM !! And once the damage is done , there's no turning back . Both require careful management . :)

  4. Awesome! I really like what you've done with your analogy, letting it tell the story complete with the surprise ending.

  5. Hello Sketching Girl! My you have fallen way behind in your posting! What are we supposed to do while you are taking it easy? You must have consideration for your readers! You must feed us, nurture us, love us, guide us! We are the sheep that have lost our shepherd. Write Sketching Girl, write! TC Don

  6. Thanks Alexander! The Drabble is meant to be only 100 words long, give or take a few over or under that target.

    I'm glad you want to read more of this story, I think I'm going to have to write it! Maybe I should consider writing an ongoing serial on here? Like Aheila does on her blog?

  7. Thanks OldGeezer, Glad you like my writing so much! I have added a new post now! Perhaps I should post more here!

    Thanks muso-blog-hog! I was a little inspired by this one, as a car literally crashed outside my house the night before, three drunks driving at about 70mph did a few somersaults before coming to a halt very noisily outside my house! The car was somewhat crushed and landed on it's roof - A miracle, but no one was hurt!

    Thanks Aheila, I struggled with this one and thought it wouldn't be a complete story - I think you just showed me that it is! Thank you!


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