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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Planning a novel - Urban Fantasy in Space

I have a new idea for a novel that I'm thinking of planning out for the CampNanowrimo August novel writing month challenge.  It's basically an urban fantasy set in space.  So more of a Sci-fi Fantasy hybrid genre.  I wanted to write an urban fantasy novel, but figured there are literally tons of urban fantasy novels out there, how can I make mine unique?  That's when I thought of setting it in space. 

I now have my main characters, a Witch, a Merman, an Incubus, a Werewolf Girl, an Elf Girl, a Gargoyle, a Wolfman, and possibly a female Satyr / Drow-Elf Hybrid.  I've also planned that they'll all be living on a space station, orbiting the Earth alongside the Moon (this could have interesting effects on a Werewolf's transformations - possibly every night?).  The Earth would be post-apocalyptic, Demonic Forces could have caused the destruction of the Earth, leaving a deserted radioactive planet, awash with dangerous mutated creatures, and (possibly mutated) crazed human survivors.  And of course the humans have to visit the planet to scavenge resources, whilst trying not to get killed.

The most difficult part of planning my story at the moment seems to be planning when my novel should begin?  Just before or long after the apocalyptic event on planet earth?  I also have the problem of how do I get all my supernatural creatures up on board the space station, and spend so long in cryosleep without anyone noticing the fact they're not all normal human beings.  For example, the Merman would be rather conspicuous in a liquid filled cryotank.  And my Satyr/Drow Elf Hybrid has large curled horns, she can hide them under a cloak hood, but not whilst unconscious floating in liquid.  I won't have the same problem with my Incubus (whose similar to a Vampire), as he will be left on the planet, and able to survive.  Even though his regular food source (humans) will be few and far between. 

I'd love to hear any other ideas and suggestions, and whether you think this is a good idea I'm working with!  I will be planning my novel over the next couple of months following through the Nanowrimo book: Ready, Set, Novel! I love to plan out my novels, but have never tried a full workbook like this - my novel planning is usually pretty haphazard!  So maybe this time I will plan a full novel, and actually complete it!

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