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Monday, 11 June 2012

Book Review: Prince Harry - Photographs by the Daily Mail

Prince Harry - Photographs by the Daily Mail
by Alison Gauntlett
ISBN:  140540311X
ISBN13:  9781405403115
I really enjoyed this book, it covers Prince Harry's life from birth right through to young adulthood in 2002 when the British Royal family celebrated the Queen's Golden Jubilee. It is beautifully illustrated throughout with high quality photographs, each image has a description telling you where the picture was taken and roughly when. This book works it's way chronologically through his life, with a very pleasant narrative. An absolute pleasure to read, which I found very informative and very relaxing to read.

What's also nice is that although the text makes a brief light reference to some of the not quite so pleasant elements of Prince Harry's life (namely some things that were plastered all over the tabloid press), these are not illustrated. Making this a book you can be proud to own, showing the best of Prince Harry in his best light. And I really enjoyed it.

My only complaint? I wonder if they might do an updated version to include his life and photos from the last 10 years to the present. I loved it so much I want more!

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